Permission must be obtained when copyrighted visual artworks are used in films and television programs. That includes all films, television programs, documentaries and short films. ‘Copyrighted visual artwork’ means any work of artworks, incl. paintings, sculptures, photographs, designs, architecture, etc.

Myndstef can facilitate permission for such usage. Myndstef and SÍK (the Association of Icelandic Film Producers) are in co-operation to make the process of obtaining license easier, and it also includes a special tariff for SÍK members, see here. The special rules, procedure and tariffs according to the SÍK co-operation can apply to foreign production, but only if the project is in collaboration with an Icelandic producer (that is a member of SÍK).
Please note that the use of visual artworks in  commercials is not part of this collaboration and a special fee category is valid for their use, see here.

Here below you can find further information and an digital report for usage.

Report and payment of copyright fee 

According to the co-operation with SÍK a procedure has been made for obtaining a license and certain terms and guidelines apply;

      • After the production of film/TV series is finished, and before the project is premiered, the producer must send the report to Myndstef and specify all the works that actually appear in the film/TV series.
      • Subsequently, Myndstef calculates a copyright fee, in accordance with the tariff, and issues an invoice. Once the invoice has been paid, the permit is formally granted. Myndstef can issue a licence agreement, if requested.
      • The producer is responsible for the payment of the invoice. The due date is the date of issue of the invoice and the deadline is 14 days later. Interest and penalty are calculated from the due date.
      • Myndstef is obligaded to review the report and notify the producer if an authors is no longer copyrighted and/or if the association does not have the author’s agency to grant permission.
      • The „Comment“ field should only be filled in if there is a reason for inspection/reduction/cancellation of copyright fee for any of the following reasons:
        – if the conditions per. Article 25 of the Copyright Act No. 73/1972 applies,
        – if the conditions per. Article 16 of the same law applies.
        In addition, the following criteria may apply:
        – if the work is for minimal decoration,
        – if a work appears out of focus in the background,
        – if a work is not one of the main part of a scene or frame,
        – if the work does not have an artistic or historical purpose,
        – if a work appears only for an insignificant amount of time and/or is undetectable.
        Myndstef reserves the right to request further information if it is deemed it necessary. If there are any doubts or uncertainties regarding the usage of an artwork, it is possible to request a ruling from Myndstef on those cases.

    It is possible to submit an plan for possible usage to Myndstef. All works that may appear in a film / TV show must be mentioned. The producer is given an estimated amount based on the plan, which is then corrected based on the final report.

A report can be filled out and handed in digitally here:
It is also possible to download the form here, fill it out and return it to Myndstef’s office at

  • Telephone number of contact
  • Contact's e-mail. A copy of the report is sent to this e-mail address.
    Please note that copyright fee can differ from which territory is chosen, according to Myndstef's tarriffs.
  • Information about the artworks used in project should be filled in here. Please fill inn name of artwork (if known), name of artist but a comment can also be noted if it's needed. Please use the plus/minus after each line to add a line or delete one.
    Name of artworkName of artistComment 
  • It is possible to hand in a report by uploading file(s) here. If above form is filled out, it is not necessary to hand in other files. Files can for example be Word, Excel or pdf files. All necessary information should be entailed. If a report does not meet the criteria, Myndstef can reject it (in those cases the producer is informed). PLEASE NOTE if you wish to hand in images or other form of files, it is best to send them directly to Myndstefs at
    Dragðu skjöl hingað eða
    Max. file size: 50 MB, Max. files: 5.
    • DD slash MM slash YYYY
    • By signing, you confirm that all of the above information is correct and that you have read the terms and conditions specified at the top of this page. The signing also confirms the recognition of the payment of copyright fee obligation according to Myndstef's tariff.
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

    License agreement

    It is possible to get a license agreement for the usage. Myndstef has a standardized form, see here.
    If such an agreement is requested, you must contact Myndstef’s office at or by phone +354-562-7711.