Visual authors can have direct membership to Myndstefs when they are not a part of a member association but they create visual work that is protected by copyright. These members are also heirs of deceased visual authors whose artwork is still protected by copyright. All these members have signed a direct agency to Myndstef.

Members belonging to the below associations are considered to have met requirements for membership and automatically become members of Myndstef, if they have given their specific and provable consent for such membership. Such consent is considered given when the beneficiary is accepted by one of the member societies, provided that the beneficiary has received satisfactory information regarding obligations and rights of membership.

The member societies of Myndstef are: The Association of Icelandic Architects, the Association of Icelandic Clothes designers, the Icelandic Society of Furniture- and Interior Architects, the Association of Stage- and Costume Designers, the Association of Goldsmiths, the Association of Icelandic Landscape Architects, The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists, the Icelandic Contemporary Photography Association, the Association of Icelandic Illustrators, the Association of Product- and Industrial designers, Grafía, Iceland Design Centre, the Icelandic Printmakers Association, the Icelandic Pottery Association, the Association of Professional Photographers in Iceland, Reykjavík Sculpture Association, the Art Association, the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists, the Icelandic Textile Association.

Members of Myndstef count 2.656 individuals (as of Nov 2021). All members are individuals and authors of copyright protected visual work.