A few things to keep in mind before examining Myndstef’s pricelist:

  • The pricelist are for guidance and should be looked at as a reference to the price for reproduction. The pricelist does not apply to first-publications of works, working hours of an author to produce works or any other.
  • Authors can negotiate payment for reproduction of their works without involvement of Myndstef or this pricelist.
  • Prices are based on reproduction of one work, unless expressly stated otherwise.
  • Prices are in Icelandic Krona.
  • If a reproduction has occurred without permission or if terms of permission are not respected, Myndstef may, on behalf of the author concerned, claim damages in the form of a raise of prices by up to 100%.
  • If a reproduction is considered a breach of the author’s moral rights, damages can be collected in the amount of 2/3 of prices in pricelist.
  • Myndstef reserves the right to negotiate the amounts in special circumstances, especially if usage does not fall within mentioned categories in pricelist.
  • Myndstef reserves the right to look for examples and customs in regards to amounts in special circumstances, when usage is not mentioned in the pricelist.

This pricelist is based on Myndstef’s former pricelist, that was certified by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. This pricelist was last approved at Myndstef’s annual general meeting in 2022 and is revised every year.

Further information and guidance for applying permission can be found here.
Terms of permission can be found here.

1. PUBLISHING (Printed and digital)

1/8 of a page4.5245.4318.14410.18112.727
1/4 of a page7.1128.53612.80316.00319.750
1/2 of a page10.34912.42118.62923.28729.109
1/1 page20.68424.81937.22238.91253.476
Front cover41.42049.70674.55793.196116.494
Back cover30.08836.10745.13356.41770.520
Copies1-500-1.000-2.000-3.000-5.000-10.000-15.000-20.000Extra 5000
1/8 of a page6.2927.5298.6759.43912.58514.47218.87821.3951.887
1/4 of a page8.74710.49711.37213.12217.49520.11926.24329.7422.623
1/2 of a page11.38913.66714.80617.08422.77826.19434.16738.7223.416
1/1 page14.74217.69019.16522.11429.48533.90844.22850.1254.422
Front cover46.47049.72260.41169.70492.940106.880139.410157.99713.941
Back cover23.23624.86127.41330.20634.85239.49841.82344.1476.970
1/8 of a page5.7658.87110.64513.30716.85320.402
1/4 of a page9.35014.38517.26121.57827.33133.085
1/2 of a page12.10018.61622.33727.92235.36842.812
1/1 page17.16626.40931.69039.61350.17460.737
Front cover34.31552.79263.34979.187100.299121.415
Back cover23.34935.92143.10553.88068.24682.614
Copies1-500-1.000-5.000-10.000-15.000-20.000Extra 5.000
1/8 of a page4.3575.2278.71310.01913.06814.8111.306
1/4 of a page6.7287.26612.11213.92918.16720.5891.816
1/2 of a page7.8859.46115.76918.13423.65426.8072.364
1/1 page10.20612.24620.41223.47430.61834.7003.062
Front cover32.17034.42164.34073.99096.511109.3799.651
Back cover16.08517.21124.12827.34528.95330.5614.825
Number of worksRate pr artwork
1-10 works581
11-20 works465
More than 20 works372
Front cover9.651

* Only public printing/publication of an essay, for example in journals, books. This also applies if an essay is sold to a company or an institution. 
* This does not apply to a PHD essays or other bigger research essays published.

Rate pr work
Inside page6.292
Front cover22.680

* Discount is given if more than one work is published in an e-book. 
* Digital publication applies to all above-mentioned categories. 


1 artwork293.759

* The size refers to the size of the postcard, flyer or other. If two or more artwork are on a printed material or a copyrighted artwork is only a part of it 50% discount is granted.

* Other prints can be printed invitations, greeting cards or other printed material.

Copies1-10-50-100-250-500-1.000-2.000Over 2.001
A4 - 21x29,7 cm6.79713.59523.11032.79239.35055.08977.125107.975
A3 - 29,7x42 cm8.15616.31327.73139.35147.26266.16792.634129.688
A2 - 42x59,4 cm10.87521.75136.97652.46962.96388.148123.406172.769
50x70 cm13.59427.18946.22165.58578.702110.182154.255215.956
70x100 cm16.99333.98657.77581.98298.377137.728192.819269.946
80x100 cm20.39140.78469.33298.377118.052165.273231.382323.934

* Size refers to the size of the poster.  If two or more artwork are on a postcard or a copyrighted artwork is only a part of a postcard 50% discount is granted.

Rate pr artwork
1 sign/display60.418
Up to 10 signs/displays48.335
More than 10 signs/displays38.668

* If two or more works appear on a sign or if a work is only a part of a sign, a discount is given by 50% pr work. 

Size of artworkRate
Up to 50 cm 5.558
Up to 1 meter8.551
Up to 2 meters12.998
Bigger than 2 metersBy agreement

* Reproduction NOT for sale, but for example for a specific exhibition
* Size can mean either length or width (i.e. length and width can not exceed that size)

1 artwork 17.52121.02524.52935.04345.55559.222
Front cover (printed)71.48978.63892.936107.234139.404181.226
Back cover (printed)35.74542.89450.04271.48992.936120.817

* CD/DVD Booklet: See under ‘Publishing’ 


Exhibition and teachingOther usage
Number of worksPr. monthPr. yearPr. monthPr. year
1 work2.53430.4134.14852.602
2-3 works3.29539.5395.39168.369
4-6 works3.80145.6146.22278.904
7-10 works4.30851.7017.05189.425
11-20 works5.06960.8268.296105.205
21-30 works6.59079.07710.783136.752
31-40 works8.11197.32813.273168.329
41-50 works10.139121.66816.591210.396

* Only public use (not power point and such) 

Number of worksPr. monthPr. year
1 - 253.34940.183
26 -100 13.394160.731
101-200 16.074192.883

* Only public use (not power point and such) 

Number of worksPr. monthPr. year
1 work3.81238.122
2-3 works4.95749.566
4-6 works6.10060.999
7-10 works7.24472.444

* NOT e-books and online publication of books and magazines (see under ‘Publications’) 

Number of worksPr. monthPr. year
1 work6.55965.589
2-3 works8.52785.271
4-6 works9.84098.400
7-10 works11.152111.518
11-20 works16.399163.989
21-30 works20.990209.895
31-40 works24.926249.260
41-50 works30.174301.742
Number of worksPr. monthPr. year
1 - 10 works3303.960
11-51 works1.64619.757
1 artwork12.616

* Only digital/online, published on social media, in a bulk e-mail and such. 
* The following publication on social media; profile photo, cover photo, event photo.

Number of worksFor teaching within educational institutionsFor general lectures and educationFor commercial use pr. year
1-10 works174515725187
11-30 works151386818890
yfir 30 works116257812594

* Only electronic, not printed 
* Commercial use means for example at fairs, conferences, exhibitions and more. 

Online content-sharing service providers, or OCSSP, are social media and content and streaming services.

Publications on OCAAP can be categorized in three;
– Public use
– Commercial use
– Private use

According to current laws and regulations the user is responsible for paying for public and commercial use.
Compensation for private usage falls under Copyright Act nr 73/1972 and is paid for yearly from the government through and entity called ‘Innheimtumiðstöð rétthafa’, or IHM.

Public and commercial use

Rate pr. monthRate pr. year
1 artwork381238122

* Any kind of publication in a post on a news feed, profile photo, cover photo, event photo on social media, for example on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat ofl.
* These tariffs only apply to public use of companies, public entities and influencers on social media, not individuals.


Rate pr artwork
Publication up to 5 sec46.476
Publication up to 10 sec58.094
Publication up to 30 sec69.713
Publication up to 1 minute83.656
Publication longer than 1 minute100.387

* If more than one work is used a discount can be negotiated. 

International usage, unlimitedUsage on domestic marked
1-5 works23.238 kr pr. work8.133 kr. pr. work36.599 kr. pr. work
6-10 works20.333 kr pr. work6.971 kr. pr. work31.952 kr. pr. work
11-20 works17.428 kr. pr. work5.809 kr. pr. work27.304 kr. pr. work
21-30 works15.685 kr. pr. work4.648 kr. pr. work22.657 kr. pr. work
More than 30 worksBy agreementBy agreementBy agreement

* An agreement with SÍK (Association of Icelandic Film Producers) is in effect. Producers and other members that are a part of SÍK can apply for permission and pay by the special tariffs above. Information (in Icelandic) about the SÍK agreement and how to gain permission for publication can be found here.
* All publications in movie theaters, TV and streaming (for example Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more).
* Price amount is not time restricted, though usage should remain within reason in regards to time.
* ‘One marked’ means that usage is restricted by one country’s marked but allows for single screenings at international film festivals and includes music videos. 

Rate pr artwork
Usage up to 5 sec5.228
Usage up to 10 sec9.411
Usage up to 30 sec15.999
Usage up to 1 minute27.199
Usage longer than 1 minuteBy agreement

* Usage up to 1 year
* Not commercial usage, only in connection with exhibition, education or teaching (for example in a museum or in a conference)
* Rates are only for usage, not for technical transfers, the work of collecting material or other administration needed (on behalf of the author or owner of work).


Up to 100 copies -1.000-2.000-5.000-7.000More than 7.000 copies
Rate pr. artwork14.75549.18761.48586.078107.598161.396

* This includes badges, tote bags, pennants, clothes, puzzles, mouse pads, mugs, medals, wrapping paper, stickers, magnets, decks of cards and more.
* If more than one work is used pr. merchandise the amount pr. work is 50% of tariffs. 
* A percentage of wholesale price can me negotiated. 


Up to 1 month2 months3-5 months6-10 months1 year
1 work4.6488.36615.05827.10529.815
2-5 works2.7895.0199.03516.26317.888
6-10 works2.3244.1837.52913.55214.907
11-20 works1.8593.3466.02310.84211.926
21-40 works1.3942.5104.5178.1318.944
More than 40 worksBy agreementBy agreementBy agreementBy agreementBy agreement