The Icelandic Visual Art Copyright Association


Myndstef was founded in 1991. Its mission is to take care of its members' interests as regards copyright in cases of official republishing and exhibiting of their works and to strengthen respect for copyright in the visual arts in general.


On behalf of its members, Myndstef collects fees for the use of copyrighted works.


Myndstef monitors and seeks to influence the development of legislation and regulations as well as of business practices in the field of copyright. It also takes care of negotiations involving copyright interests between its members on one hand and public and private parties on the other.

On the 7th of September 1992, Myndstef was officially recognized by the Icelandic Ministry of Culture and Education as an association taking care of the interests of visual artists.



Summer closing



The office of Myndstef will be closed on and between July 4th until July 11th. In addition, opening hours and assistance will be limited until August 8th.


Inquires can be sent to and they'll be answered as soon as possible. Some inquires will not be answered until August.


Happy summer!




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