Members of Myndstef


The following associations are members of Myndstef:


The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists
The Association of Icelandic Photographers
The Association of Graphic Designers
The Association of Icelandic Architects
Icelandic Design Center

The Association of Scene and Costume Designers 

The Association of Icelandic Draftsmen


To apply for individual membership:


Complete an application or send a letter to Myndstef mentioning your name, "kennitala" (Icelandic ID number), address, telephone, e-mail address and profession.


Please include your reasons for applying.


Your application will be reviewed at the next Myndstef board meeting.


When an application has been approved, the applicant must submit a signed proxy authorizing Myndstef to take care of his/her copyright interests, whereupon the membership becomes active. Note that submitting the proxy is absolutely necessary if your membership is to be validated.

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